Why Invest in Australia

Buy property in Australia from overseas

Investing in Australian properties has become popular with overseas investors looking for returns and stability not available in their own country. This has become an attractive option for many reasons, including:


Australia’s property market has a proven record of stable prices. Overseas property markets such as Hong Kong or the USA have suffered significant crashes that are completely unheard of in Australia. Housing prices in volatile economies can drop up to 70% within a few weeks, leaving investors with huge losses.

Since 1900 when records began the Australian market has not suffered a fall in median house prices over 20% in one year. This is true even the Global Financial Crisis of 2009 / 2010, which saw property, prices in the UK and USA fall significantly. Australian houses actually increased in value during this period.

Strong growth performance

Australian properties have enjoyed consistent capital growth over the last 100 years, with property prices doubling roughly every 7 to 10 years.

One of the reasons behind the growth is Australia’s chronic housing shortage in many of the major cities. Population is growing in a rate much faster than dwellings are being constructed.

Australia is a great place to live

Australia is well known for its diverse international cities and breathtaking natural beauty.

Queensland (QLD) is famous for its wonderful beaches and reefs, Victoria (VIC) for its stunning coast line stretching to South Australia (SA), The Northern Territory (NT) for its distinctive outback experience and New South Wales (NSW) for the tranquil Blue Mountains, beautiful coast and Sydney. In the past years Melbourne and Sydney have been named the most livable cities in the World.

Stability and growth are not just features of residential houses, townhouses and units. Most commercial properties such as offices, factories and retail outlets have proven themselves to have excellent returns. Larger foreign investors tend to prefer commercial property, resorts, hotels or developments.


Hence Investors can avail great Benefits and Excellent Returns by making an Investment in Australia.

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